For the 28th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN) which will take place 27-28th March 2018, the journals Nations and Nationalism and  Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism have created virtual issues which are free to access through Wiley Online Library.

This years theme for the conference will be ‘The New Nationalism: populism, authoritarianism and anti-globalisation’.

For Nations and Nationalism, the virtual issue surrounds the theme of Populism.

For Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, a special issue with the theme of Women and New Nationalism is also available thorough Wiley.

Nations and Nationalism Virtual Issue

Halikiopoulou, D., Mock, S. and Vasilopoulou, S. (Vol 19, Issue 1, 2013), The civic zeitgeist: nationalism and liberal values in the European radical right.

Helbling, M., Reeskens, T., and Wright, M. (Vol 22, Issue 4, 2016) The mobilisation of identities: a study on the relationship between elite rhetoric and public opinion on national identity in developed democracies.

Hermann Kurthen and Michael Minkenberg. (Vol 1, Issue 2, 1995) Germany in Transition: Immigration, Racism and the Extreme Right.

Jensen, K. K. (Vol 20, Issue 3, 2014), What can and cannot be willed: how politicians talk about national identity and immigrants.

Karin Stoegner. (Vol 22, Issue 3, 2016) “We are the new Jews!” and “The Jewish Lobby” – antisemitism and the construction of a national identity by the Austrian Freedom Party. 

Piwoni, E. (Vol 21, Issue 1, 2015), Claiming the nation for the people: the dynamics of representation in German public discourse about immigrant integration.

Rooduijn, M. (Vol 20, Issue 1, 2014), Vox populismus: a populist radical right attitude among the public?

Van Reekum, R. (Vol 18, Issue 4, 2012), As nation, people and public collide: enacting Dutchness in public discourse.

Virag Molnar. (Vol 22, Issue 1, 2016) Civil society, radicalisation and the rediscovery of mythic nationalism.